Orange County, CA womens hair removal

At GentleCare Laser Aesthetics, we offer the best laser hair removal services in Southern California.  There are many hair removal clinics offering services but as a physician owned and operated practice, we consider what is the best protocol to fit your skin type, sensitivity, and comfort.  We guarantee the best results over the treatment time as we offer the most effective laser on the market today.  Our technique using a cooling feature makes the experience less painful and more likely to complete the treatment.

Gentle Care Laser Aesthetics is the premier place for Hair removal in Southern California and Orange County .

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Laser Hair Removal Procedure

At GentleCare Laser Aesthetics, the first step towards FREEDOM OF A HAIRLESS BODY is a free consultation, during which, an experienced laser technician will evaluate your skin type and identify the appropriate treatment procedure. Prior to a consultation, GentleCare representatives will ask you to fill out certain forms to ensure that you do not have any medical conditions that would prohibit you from receiving laser treatment.

During the consultation, which may take 15 to 30 minutes depending on questions you may have, our laser technician will describe the treatment process, what to expect during treatment, pre-treatment requirements and post-treatment procedures.

Following consultation and preparation of the treatment area, the technician will adjust the equipment to provide you with the most effective treatment.

The hair that gets removed during a treatment is that hair which is in its active growing phase (human hair is not always growing). Usually, that is about 10% – 20% of the hair in the treatment area. Hair follicles in their active growing stage will die and fall out in 2 to 10 days. Depending on the treated body area, we will wait 6 to 8 weeks for your next treatment. This period allows a meaningful amount of the remaining hair to move into the active growing phase so that your next treatment removes the maximum amount of hair. Therefore, most clients will need 4 to 8 treatments to achieve maximum results.

  •  Laser hair removal is proven to result in permanent hair reduction for all skin complexions,
  •  Causes the least discomfort among effective alternatives available today, and
  •  Is cost effective when one considers the benefits over a lifetime